For the most part, your Waypoints should be shown to unique audiences on a regular basis. But what happens if two Waypoints are designed for the same audience? Which one will show? The answer is simple: whichever Waypoint you have prioritized. Journity makes it easy to move Waypoints around to different priority levels whenever you see fit. The Waypoint closest to the top of the screen is the one that will be prioritized over another with the same audience settings.

1. Login to Journity and view the main dashboard.

2. You can move Waypoints within a campaign by clicking the two lines to the left of the Waypoint title and dragging to the desired location.

3. You can also move Waypoints between campaigns by clicking the same two lines and dragging into another campaign.

4. Lastly, you can even move campaigns around to create a higher or lower priority.

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Journity Team