People often want to get involved with your organization, but don’t know how until you provide them with the next steps.

It’s time to up the level of engagement by asking your visitors to support your mission. Journity can help you turn qualified contacts to supporters!

Timing is key. Personalization is crucial. Delivery is essential.

After users have engaged with your content and are educated on your mission, ask them to take the next step in supporting your cause. Whether it be volunteering for your next project or financially supporting an upcoming campaign, such as #GivingTuesday or year-end fundraising. The “ask” may be need-based, such as providing Thanksgiving meals. Or related to a broader social movement like elections.

Use Journity’s donation feature, including Stripe integration, to accept donations via a Waypoint. That means no additional development time for donation form landing pages. You can create an appeal in less than 10 minutes and post it live on your site.

Create a strategy driven by the data you have collected throughout the engagement cycle. Re-target people who have visited high priority pages like “Get Involved” and “Donate”. You’re more likely to convert educated users to donors when your ask is personalized.

Thoughtful delivery and follow-through is essential to closing the deal. The process of signing up to volunteer, registering for an event or donating should be a simple, quick and user-friendly. Don’t over complicate it. Use Journity to accept donations hassle free. The fewer clicks, the better.  

Happy Fundraising!

Journity Team

You can also upload a list of leads from an off-site event and re-target that list of people with a specific and personalized ask based on their attendance at a recent event.