Journity can take donations on your behalf from inside a Waypoint. This means that your users never have to leave your content or site to make a donation. Your audience can continue engaging with your content without missing a beat, all within an easy and attractive design.

The funds from donations go straight into your Stripe account. Since Journity never touches the credit card information, it is completely secure. The only requirement is that your site serves its pages that will host donation Waypoints via https.

Why Stripe?

Stripe is fast becoming a standard among payment processors. Many of the most popular retailers and services use Stripe including Shopify, OpenTable, Target, and Lyft.

Stripe has many features that lend itself well to taking payments via Waypoints. Stripe allows Journity to take payments on your behalf. Funds go straight into your account. We only connect with your account through Stripe's keys via an easy and straightforward process. We'll walk you through that below.

Stripe also has some security features that many competitors still don't match. Stripe displays the credit card field and is in charge of processing the payment from the client. Journity doesn't ever receive the credit card number. Stripe also updates their library directly. Journity or Five Q doesn't need to even be aware of bugs on Stripe's end.
Connecting Stripe

Connecting Stripe is easy.

1. First, make a new Waypoint. If you choose "Get Donations" on the main listing page, the Waypoint start off as a donation Waypoint. Otherwise, change the type to "Collect Donation".

2. On the same page of the Waypoint settings, click on the button labeled "Stripe".

This will take you to Stripe's login or account creation form.

If you're already logged in to Stripe, you won't see this step. If you already have a Stripe account, click "Sign in" at the top. Otherwise follow their prompts to create a new account.

3. Finally, click "Authorize". You'll be taken back to your Waypoint and will see a green check mark next to the Stripe button. This means you're connected!

You only have to connect Stripe once to your account and it will be available for all future Waypoints. Logging into will allow you to see donations and manage them, such as if you have a need to give a refund.
That's It!

We think your donors will love the ease of donating from any page. Personalization will help you to drive donations and get results. If you've not yet experienced Journity and seen what it can do for your ministry or non-profit, schedule a demo now.

If you have any questions, email us at

Journity Team