Conversion tracking is a critical part of any marketing communication. This is the only way to tell how many users are taking your desired actions. In journity you can track conversions in two different ways.

Track On-Site Conversions
When a conversion occurs on your website, and it redirects users to a confirmation or "thank you" page you can use the "On-Site" conversion tracking. Simply enter the URL of the "thank you" page in the on-site conversion tracking field and ensure that option is selected in the radio button.

Track Off-Site Conversions
Many organizations use 3rd party software to handle their donations or email subscriptions (for example: Raiser's Edge or Raisedonors). In these cases the actual conversion may not take place on your website. For this you can use the Off-Site Conversion code.

1. Make sure the "Track Off-Site Conversions" is selected using the radio button.
2. Copy the code to your clipboard
3. Paste the code onto the "Thank you" page.

Be sure you setup the appropriate conversion tracking for each Waypoint.

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