Many nonprofits agree that testing is key when it comes to successfully connecting with their digital audience. In order to achieve your goals as an organization, you need to find what strategies perform best.

Copy, imagery, call-to-action and button color are all important factors to test and optimize in order to achieve maximize results. Thankfully, testing is easy with Journity.

A/B testing...
  • Improves engagement
  • Increases conversion rates
  • Reduces risk
  • Eliminates assumptions
  • Increases sales
  • Generates higher performing messages

Setting up a test can be done in 1-click in the Waypoint editor. In the Design tab, on the bottom left hand corner, add a test by clicking “B” or the “+” sign. Each test will be highlighted in a different color to help you stay organized and toggle between test variations.

The word “test” means a variation from the original Waypoint (aka “the control” test). This change or test can be a different headline, image or waypoint position. Anything that can be changed in the editor’s “Design” tab can be changed in a new test version. The examples below test which button color the audience will respond to best.

Keys to Creating a Successful Test

1. Make sure you let the test run long enough to get a valid result. We recommend a minimum of 1 month but you can use a smaller time frame if your campaign is only running for a short period of time.

2. Only test 1 thing. Your variation should only test 1 change at a time. If you change multiple features it will be impossible to tell which of the changes generated the results.

3. Be aware of the number of variations in your test. Journity allows for many variations however, unless your website receives a large amount of traffic you will likely get results in a more timely manner if you stick to just an A/B test.

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