What’s your #1 goal with your website? Awareness? Email sign ups? Event promotion? Content hub? Raise donations?

First impressions are key! On average, almost 50% of people expect websites to load in two seconds or less. New visitors to your website need engaging content right off the bat, otherwise they’ll leave without connecting with your mission.

According to the M+R Benchmarks Study, only “1.0% of nonprofit website visitors join an email list and 1.1% complete a donation”. This means roughly 99% of people who visit your website are not engaging with your organization!
So how do you convert new visitors into supporters?
The answer is simple: inspire them to take action.
To effectively inspire these users, visual design is crucial. Use Journity’s hassle-free design editor to create visually appealing and personalized messages that inspire people to learn more about your organization.

Capture their attention and keep them engaged with content on your site by sharing compelling stories via Waypoints. This provides your visitors an opportunity to go deeper into your content and unpack all your organization has to offer - like how to get involved, participate in an upcoming campaign and donate!

Need help strategizing how to encourage new visitors to become donors? We’ve got an entire guide on the donor engagement cycle and how Journity helps moves users from one stage to the next by creating personalized experiences!

Send us an email at learnmore@journity.com.

Until then, play with the design editor and share your creative Waypoints with us!


Journity Team