Need a tool for publishing quick announcements, privacy policy updates and last minute opportunities to your digital audience? We’ve got you covered with Journity. Waypoints display the most relevant and timely messages on the forefront of your website, eliminate barriers and help people find important information. 

When a homeless shelter issues a Code Blue, they can update their digital audience in a matter of minutes with Journity. Anyone who visits the shelter’s website will see the message and know how they can help. Waypoints are also often utilized for notifying supporters of response efforts in the midst of crisis.

Data protection was a popular topic earlier this year in news and on social media. Many of our nonprofit partners use Journity Waypoints for cookie compliance.

Our team cares that you and your ministry are prepared to protect the data of your website visitors. For more information on GDPR, its requirements, and steps to be compliant, download our informational guide here.

Interested to see how Journity allows you to keep up with data protection? We have a Waypoint for that!

Waypoints go beyond engagement and support. The average nonprofit runs 2-5 Waypoints at the same time to different audience segments.

Are you ready to unlock unlimited Waypoints to help you reach your digital goals? If so, give us a shout at

Journity Team