Are you generating long-term donor relationships with your digital audience? With Journity, you can! Personalized messages help visitors make an emotional connection to your cause - the first step in creating dedicated supporters.

Deepen the relationship with your audience by cultivating a personal connection using Journity.

Setup Waypoints that turn new visitors into leads with these simple tips:

  • Offer a “Welcome back. It’s nice to see you again” message for returning visitors
    • This can be accomplished by setting an Engagement Score above “1”.

  • Target people based on their interests and content they’ve viewed on your site.
    • This can be accomplished by using the Content Affinity filters.

  • Share impact stories and recent campaign successes via Waypoints
    • This can be accomplished by setting Content Affinity filters that target visitors who previously viewed impact stories or a specific campaign on your website.
    • Or you may select a higher Engagement Score to reach people who have interacted with your content and show interest in your work.

  • Invite visitors to “sign up” for a newsletter or “download” a recent report
    • Get people’s permission to contact them by capturing their basic info.
    • This is a great use of the forms feature on Journity.

  • Hold off on too many facts and figures for now. Focus on creating an affinity for your cause.

Journity’s Waypoints are a fast and effective way to establish a connection with your audience.

Get started making a connection today! Login to Journity or give us a shout at

Best Wishes,

Journity Team