Did you know 53% of donors leave an organization because of poor communication, such as not being thanked for their donation??? This is your prime opportunity to turn first-time donors into long-term partners. Use Journity to retarget donors with a “Thank You” message on their next visit.

Donor retention rates are hovering at a mere 45.5%, according to 2018 Fundraising Effectiveness Study. First-time donors require special engagement plans to keep them actively involved with your organization. Use our easy-to-design Waypoints to thank supporters and encourage their continued support of your mission.

Here are a few ideas to get you started...

  • Thank supporters with an onsite personalized message
  • Be specific in your personalized thank you
  • Thank supporters across multiple channels - onsite, email, social media, direct mail
  • Use onsite messaging, social ads, email, and direct mail to show the impact of their gift
  • Re-engage supporters through need-based content
  • Set up re-targeting Waypoints to invite supports to get involved at a deeper level, such as a monthly giving program

Without thoughtful and strategic messaging, you risk losing valuable individuals who care about your cause. It is critical that this communication happens in a personal and meaningful way. Be sure to show appreciation in both private and public communications.

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Grateful for the opportunity to serve your organization!

Journity Team

Personalization goes a long way when cultivating long-term support. Journity is a great platform, made specifically for nonprofits, to get started with onsite personalization and re-targeting!