Getting your email subscribers into MailChimp automatically is really easy, and it means you’ll never have to manually import subscribers from Journity into your MailChimp account.

What you’ll need:
Access to your Journity dashboard
Admin level access to your MailChimp account so you can create API keys

What you should know:
  1. The MailChimp integration only allows importing subscribers to specific lists. It does not allow for importing with specific tags or to specific groups.
  2. You can import using tags or groups through our Zapier integration, instructions on how to do that can be found here.
  3. The integration is on an individual Waypoint basis so you will need to set this up for each Waypoint you would like to integrate.
  4. Email collection Waypoints only work when they are published (you will not be able to test the form submission in the live preview).

Step by Step Setup:
  1. Get your API key and list API key from MailChimp. You can use this link to navigate to the API key section of your account.
    1. Select “Create a new key”.
    2. Name your new key (we recommend calling it “Journity”).
    3. Copy the Key, and save it somewhere for later use.
    4. If you would like more information you can review the API documentation in MailChmip’s knowledge base.
  2. Get your List ID
    1. Navigate to the Audience tab.
    2. If you have more than one audience, click the Current audience drop-down and choose the one you want to work with.
    3. Click View Contacts.
    4. Click the Settings drop-down and choose Audience name and defaults.
    5. In the Audience ID section, you’ll see a string of letters and numbers. This is your audience ID.
    6. Full documentation on this can be found in MailChimp’s knowledge base.
  3. Login to your Journity Dashboard and select the Waypoint you would like to integrate
  4. On the settings tab select the “3rd-party integration” radio button under “collect form data”.
  5. Click the blue button that says MailChimp

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      6. In the dialogue box that opens enter your MailChimp API Key and List ID and click done.

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     7. That’s all there is to it.

If you have any questions, email us at

Journity Team